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Welcome to Our Integrative Cancer Care Program

Our Philosophy


If you have been told that you “have cancer,” you know how traumatic this diagnosis can be to you and your family. Initially it can even occur as a “death sentence.” However, with recent advances in both conventional and integrative therapies, there is every reason for increased hope and optimism.


Even though the journey of cancer can be difficult, with the specialized care and personal support we provide, this journey can be a unique opportunity for transformation, healing, and love for yourself and your family. We speak from both personal and professional experience!


Whether you work with one or several of our affiliated practitioners, we will work together with you to design a comprehensive program that reflects your values and needs. All of our practitioners are committed to facilitating your body’s innate ability to heal rather than just prescribing “treatments.”


We are committed to supporting you and your family, and to working with any other practitioners on your team, through every step of this journey. Available research currently suggests that patients who pursue these types of programs achieve optimal results.


Whom We Can Help


  • Patients most often come to us seeking therapies that can complement the “conventional” treatments they are receiving and to reduce side effects from those treatments. Combining the “best of both worlds” can get the best results.

  • Many of our patients have completed conventional therapy and want therapies that restore their vitality and well-being.

  • Some patients refuse conventional therapies altogether and want programs that are more natural and less toxic.

  • Occasionally, a patient has been told elsewhere that no more treatment options exist. We do the in-depth research that can uncover potential effective therapies that have been previously overlooked.

  • Families and caregivers have special and unique needs for support in order to effectively cope with the stresses and challenges of caring for their loved ones. We offer that support in the form of counseling, stress management, spiritual healing, and relationship assistance.

How We Can Help


  • Designing comprehensive, personalized programs that maximize choice, effectiveness and real healing.


  • Intravenous treatments with Vitamin C and other natural compounds.


  • Specialized acupuncture and herbal medicines.


  • Nutritional & exercise counseling.


  • Stress reduction therapies.


  • Family & caregiver support programs.


  • “Medical advocacy” to identify cutting edge options.


  • In-depth mind/body/spirit therapies to optimize healing.

Meet Our Team of Affiliated Practitioners

Each practitioner has committed his/her professional and personal life to the art of integrating scientific and spiritual perspectives of healing. Each of our practitioners has long term clinical experience ranging from 20 to 40 years. Many of us have worked together in committed professional settings for as long as twenty years.


Our vision is to create a comprehensive integrative care center, bringing everything we offer under one roof. Initially, for the time being, we will practice in separate locations in Sebastopol and Calistoga, CA. Although in-person visits are possible, much, if not all, of our work can be done over the phone or the internet.


Please click the link below to read about the services and biographies of each practitioner. Typically, you would work primarily with one of our practitioners. Your practitioner always has the option to consult with the rest of our group to bring in multiple perspectives. We’ve set ourselves up so you get the best of both worlds: a close working partnership with your practitioner of choice as well as the opportunity to tap into our collective expertise at a moment’s notice. In fact, you are welcome to join in those discussions.


As you get a sense of which practitioner or practitioners are the best fit for you, we invite you to contact any of us directly so we can discuss your specific needs and how we might work together.  This will be the best way for you to discover what’s available to you. Thank you.

Click here to meet our practitioners.

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