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A Brief Description of Shafiyy Healing

A brief description of Shafiyy healing from Nura Laird, M.Ed.


Shafiyy healing is a form of body-mind-heart-spirit healing based on our experience that deeper healing is available through love that sources from the Divine, God, your Higher Power, or whatever name you give to the Source of all that is good. The process is gentle, sacred and deeply supportive, and is designed to open blocks and repair imbalances that impede the body’s natural healing resources and to transform the underlying causes of your disease. People usually experience a shift in their physical condition, emotions and/or spiritual state.


Historically, Shafiyy (sha-FEE) healing is rooted in the classical Sufi path of the heart. The word “shafiyy” (sha-FEE) simply refers to divinely facilitated healing. It is a universally applicable approach bringing peace, love, compassion and vitality.


I work in ways that support your own spiritual or religious beliefs. On the other hand, it is not necessary to have any such beliefs. I meet you where you are and facilitate your process on your own terms. Every session is unique. People from all backgrounds and perspectives have received profound results. The keys are a willingness to explore, discover and receive all the support that is available.


If you’ve experienced some form of energy healing such as Reiki or Healing Touch, then you will find Shafiyy (sha-FEE) Healing somewhat familiar. We will focus on healing the soul and heart as well as the body. Touching your body is not necessary. If I’m guided to do so, I will ask your permission in advance.


In fact, we can do our sessions over the phone or skype. I have worked with clients throughout the United States and in multiple countries. As long as our hearts are connected, distance does not seem to matter. Of course, I especially enjoy the opportunity to work in person.


Please note that this kind of healing does not usually address all your concerns in one session. It usually takes a series of sessions to gain the results that you are looking for. Also, this is not a passive process. I work with you; your participation in the session is essential.

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