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Our Services

Individual patient care

We offer individual consultations to support healing from a wide variety of health challenges including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic infections, depression and anxiety.

Group & individual healing retreats

Several times each year we offer our unique five day program designed to help you go as deeply as possible into your own healing process. Participants often experience profound healing and deep transformation.


We invite you to come with a specific healing focus, an area in your life in which you are looking for breakthroughs, possibly concerning physical disease, self-limiting habits, dysfunctional relationships, spiritual stagnation, etc.


You can also come with a primary commitment simply to optimize your health in any of these areas or to have a deep spiritual retreat to connect more deeply with yourself and with God.


Your program includes personalized assessments, healing sessions, and recommended spiritual practices. Group instruction, meals and discussions add a depth and richness to your experience.


The healing intensive retreats are one of the best ways to receive the deepest benefits from shafiyy healing in the shortest amount of time. Participants routinely report deep appreciation and gratitude for the gentle, loving, heart-opening and transformative nature of this program.


Please contact Dr. Laird directly to learn more.

Training of healthcare professionals

We provide special programs for healthcare professionals who want to increase the depth of love, spirit and healing they bring to the people they care for and serve.


We guide health professionals to:


  • Learn how to live in their hearts

  • Discover the divine qualities they carry within their own hearts

  • Open their hearts to divine guidance and healing

  • Carry the qualities of love, mercy, compassion and peace

  • Bring these qualities through any healing modalities in which they are trained

  • Integrate into their own practices the unique herbal and spiritual therapies of classical Sufism


Please contact Dr. Laird directly to learn more.


Programs to care for chronically or terminally ill people and their families

As people age, there is an increasing need to provide optimal nutritional, emotional and spiritual care. Shafiyy healing can enhance physical vitality at the same time as bringing healing to the inevitable emotional and spiritual stresses brought on by the aging process.


We help families and caregivers meet these challenges through Shafiyy healing based counseling, mediation services, as well as individual and group healings.


We are also enthusiastically inspired by organizations like the Senior Shower Project which celebrate and support the role of family and professional caregivers.


Please contact Dr. Laird directly to learn more.


Partner with community organizations


We partner with community organizations to provide outreach and healing for populations in need, such as veterans, victims of violence, and the homeless.


Please contact us to explore how we might support your organization and its mission.  



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