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Welcome to the Shafiyy Institute

The Shafiyy (SHA-fee) Institute is a non-profit organization committed to bringing divinely guided and scientifically sound healthcare to all people. We offer comprehensive educational and treatment programs to bring deep healing to the body, mind, heart and spirit in gentle, natural and effective ways. Learn more.
Our Services

Integrative cancer care program: we work with you, your family and other healthcare providers to design comprehensive programs that maximize your treatment outcomes, vitality and healing.  Learn more

Individual patient care program: we offer individual consultations to support healing from a wide variety of health challenges including but not limited to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic infections, depression and anxiety. Learn more


Group & individual healing retreats: several times each year we offer our unique five day program designed to help you go as deeply as possible into your own healing process. Participants often experience profound healing and deep transformation. Learn more


Training of healthcare professionals: we provide special programs for healthcare professionals who want to increase the depth of love, spirit and healing they bring to the people they care for and serve. Learn more


Programs to care for chronically or terminally ill people and their families: as people age, there is an increasing need to provide optimal nutritional, emotional and spiritual care. Learn more


Partner with community organizations to provide outreach and healing for populations in need, such as veterans, victims of violence, and the homeless. Please contact us to explore how we might support your organization and its mission. 

  • Integrative cancer care program

  • Individual patient care

  • Group & individual  healing retreats

  • Training of healthcare professionals

  • Programs for chronically or terminally ill

  • Community partnership

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